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Meet the Team

The vast majority of our employees, including key superintendents and qualified mechanics, have been with K. B. Coldiron, Inc. for well over 10 years.  Learn more about our experienced team.


Kerry B. Coldiron - president / Owner

Mr. Coldiron began his career in construction while attending Goldie-Beacon College and completing a 4-year apprentice program in Wilmington, Delaware. In 1977 he founded Coldiron Construction Co. with a small crew of five mechanics. In 1982, K. B. Coldiron, Inc. was established. For over 40 years, Mr. Coldiron has developed his company into a diversified commercial construction contractor. The company specializes in wall and ceiling systems of all types, including being a pioneer in the use of "DRYVIT" and other synthetic stucco coating systems. K. B. Coldiron, Inc. has a bonding capacity exceeding $20 million, with 50 to 100 employees, a fleet of trucks and extensive support equipment. Mr. Coldiron continues to work on a daily basis. Many of the employees have been with the company for over 25 years, and K. B. Coldiron, Inc. remains one of the most trusted firms in commercial construction on the Delmarva Peninsula.

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Melissa Coldiron Douglass began her journey with the company in 1995 as a part-time employee in the office after obtaining her Bachelor of Art’s degree in Business from Salisbury University. She then proceeded to earn a master’s degree within the following 7 years while continuing to work for the company. She began full-time work for K. B. Coldiron. Inc. starting in 2018 and has since then been learning and overseeing all aspects of the company while working closely under her father, Kerry Coldiron, to ensure the company thrives through future generations. After nearly 30 years of dedicated work in various areas of the company, Melissa has been honored the title of Executive Vice President of K. B. Coldiron, Inc.


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Melissa Douglass Coldiron - executive VICE PRESIDENT





Mike White - Vice President of Operations

Mike White began his career in the construction industry in 1974, working for J.R. Coldiron & Son at the Carousel Condominiums in Ocean City, MD. He continued to further his education with a 4-year apprenticeship at the Salisbury Union Carpentry Local, learning extensively about the trade. Eventually, Mike earned his way to the title of Journeyman, and later, began operating as a Foreman. As the years progressed, Mike transitioned to the office, serving as Road Superintendent, Director of Human Resources, and ultimately, as an Estimator, which led him to be promoted to the role of Project Manager. He was later honored with the title of Vice President, which was earned from over 40 years of experience and loyalty to K. B. Coldiron, Inc.

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Nancy Bolt

Nancy Bolt Has been in the construction industry for over 30 years, starting in the fields of structural steel and drywall before moving on to general contracting. She owned her own general contracting company, Ocean Minded Construction Company, for more than 20 years before joining K. B. Coldiron, Inc. in 2016. She now holds the title of Chief Estimator and Project Manager for the company and handles estimating the bids and project management for several clients, as well as new work on the shore. Nancy describes the environment of the company as efficient in its work and she values the respect she receives from her coworkers.


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Nancy Bolt - CHIEF ESTIMATOR & Project Manager





Brandon White began his career with K. B. Coldiron, Inc. in 1998, working as a seasonal laborer at P.R.M.C Hospital, now known as Tidal Health, during summer breaks. He became a full-time employee in 2002 when he started his 4-year apprenticeship. After completing the program through the company and the Maryland Apprentice Program, Brandon was promoted to Journeyman. After years of honing his skills in the trade he became a jobsite Forman for the company. In 2019, Brandon got the opportunity to take an office position where he is learning to estimate, bid, and manage multiple projects in hopes of helping K. B. Coldiron, Inc. to keep moving forward as a respected name in the community.


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Brandon White - Estimator & Project manager





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Ceil Cramer

 Ceil Cramer has been with K. B. Coldiron, Inc. since 2014 as a Project Managers Assistant. Her role as a PMA includes receiving the plans and specs for all bids proposals for the company. She was educated in the field of business while attending York College of Pennsylvania before gaining experience with K. B. Coldiron, Inc. Ceil likes the routine and the structure that her role in the company provides in her everyday life.


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Ceil Cramer - Project Manager Assistant





Patti Cadmus began working in the company office over 4 years ago as the office manager and performs tasks such as all communications, filing, and accounts payable. Patti had 30 years of experience with USPS prior to working for K. B. Coldiron, Inc. and states she enjoys the people she works with and that being the office manager offers her the flexibility she was searching for with retirement.


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Patti Cadmus - Office manager 





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Ron Orash is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with more than 20 years of experience in both private and public accounting. Ron has been overseeing all financial functions at K. B. Coldiron, Inc. for the past 25 years. Ron most enjoys the long-standing business relationships built and maintained with local suppliers, contractors, and banking & insurance professionals that he interacts with regularly.


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Ron C. Orash - Controller





Chris Lingenfelder - since 1983

Rob Brittingham - since 2003

Jimmy Tyndall - since 2017

Project Superintendents





In Memory of ...




each with more than

30 years of dedication to

K. B. Coldiron, Inc.

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